Selected Articles and Essays:

“The Misuse of Egalitarianism in Society” (Summer 2017)

“Adam Smith on Justice, Social Justice, and Ultimate Justice” (2016)

“Adam Smith on Virtue, Prosperity and Justice” (2016)

“Hey There Millennials, There is Such a Thing as an Honest Profit” (March 2015)

“Adam Smith’s Libertarian Paternalism” (August 2016)

“An Audacious Promise: The Moral Case for Capitalism” (2012)

“The Inhuman Alienation of Capitalism” (2012)

“Adam Smith and the Great Mind Fallacy” (Winter 2010)

“Kantian Individualism and Political Libertarianism” (Winter 2009)

“Shaftesbury’s Evolutionary Morality and Its Influence on Adam Smith” (2008)

“Private Judgement, Individual Liberty, and the Role of the State” (Fall 2002)

“Adam Smith’s Marketplace of Morals” (September 2002)

“Adam Smith’s First Market: The Development of Language” (January 2002)

“Limits on Our Obligation to Give: (July 2000)

“Freedom of Religion and Public Schooling” (Spring 2000)

“The Recurring ‘Adam Smith Problem'” (January 2000)

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